Hair dryers are important hair styling tools. But traditionally, they are heavy, bulky, and don’t travel well. This is why so many hotels have hair dryers connected to the wall in the bathroom. But hotel hair dryers are gross, poor quality, and cumbersome. Thanks to innovators like Instyler, a high-quality affordable travel hair dryer has been engineered to resolve some of the most common problems faced by women who want flawless hair when they travel.

This article is intended to help women find the best travel hair dryer that can be easily packed in any suitcase or overnight bag, offer professional power and features, and deliver that salon look/

The Best Travel Hair Dryer Works for All Hair Types

Whether you have sun damaged hair, straight hair, or black hair, you need a travel hair dryer that will protect your hair from frizz, offer a shine to your locks with a soft, luxurious touch, and fast drying time. Really, this means the best travel hair dryer will have the power of a standard salon blow dryer. Rather than fall prey to a marketing message that promotes a travel hair dryer for your specific type of hair, instead invest in one that is suitable for all hair types. Why? Because the technology is more advanced in a universal blow dryer than one that is limited to only a specific hair type. And keep in mind that as you age and based on how water in your area evolves and you switch up your hair products, your hair’s chemistry can change. So having a travel hair dryer that will serve you a lifetime of use just makes more sense.

The Best Travel Hair Dryer has Specific Features

When it comes to finding the best travel hair dryer, you need to focus on size, power, materials, drying time, voltage and accessories. Instyler has created the MINI, a travel hair dryer that touches on all of these. Women love the MINI because it offers the power of a full-size salon dryer that comfortably fits in the palm of your hand. The MINI has a high compression turbine fan with multiple heat settings to accomodate all styling needs during travel. Dual voltage is also a must, and the MINI delivers. Various countries run off different voltages, so having a travel hair dryer that accommodates the target destination’s voltage use is of prime importance. The MINI also offers speedy drying times, a high-quality tourmaline ceramic grill, a concentrator, and a sleek modern design to appease most aesthetic standards.

The Best Travel Hair Dryer has a Strong Warranty

Any good, reputable brand will cover travel hair dryers against manufacturer defects. But the best travel hair dryers will come from a company that honors warranties up to a year from the date of purchase. This is why you should never buy hair styling tools from an unauthorized dealer, as the warranty will be void. In addition, there is no way to track and monitor what some unauthorized dealers are actually selling. Often, parts will be taken out and replaced with aftermarket parts and the buyer will be none the wiser. Shoppers are also at risk for buying refurbished travel hair dryers without even knowing it. Buying from an authorized dealer doesn’t just ensure you are getting a truly new travel hair dryer, it gives you the peace of mind through a warranty–something that protects your investment and ensures you will have amazing hair when you travel the world.